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    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I made an official MediCat USB Discord server! # JOIN INSIDE! #

    The join link is here: http://discord.gg/hZWkufx3ye

    I decided it was time to finally have a stable place for making MediCat announcements and releases, as well as a way for people to get help a little quicker. So I spent the entire day today making a Discord server. I don't have any bots because I'm still VERY new to all of this, as I've never dabbled in making a server before. But I think I've cover most of my bases, taking guidance from other servers I've seen.

    Don't worry... GBAtemp will always be MediCat USB's primary home, it's not going anywhere... But this server will help people in need, as well as give you guys another chill place to hand out. Think of it as expansion, rather than replacement. It's just a means of reaching people better. They'll be able to get help without scrolling though almost 150+ pages of the help thread or having to make a GBAtemp account just to seek some quick help.

    The lounge section is quite extensive, and I can always expand it as needed.


    If you're on mobile, here's a QR code for you:

    Discord Server QR.png
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    When things are looking grim, I turn to my Nintendo DS Bible.

    I have more games for my Nintendo DS, but only the games closest to my heart make it into the Bible. Though I need to start a second book. I think I'll call that one "The Book of Nitro". Some of the other games I own that are favorites are New Super Mario Bros, Mario Party DS, Mario Kart DS, Prism: Light The Way, Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land, and Little Red Ridinghood's Zombie BBQ.

    No, none of these are for sale. I'm not selling them. These are DS games close to my heart, and all of them were bought retail, so there's no fakes.

    What DS games do you hold dear?


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    I've done it... I present to you, Pokémon Pinball: Slim LED Edition

    I present to you Pokémon Pinball: Slim LED Edition!
    I just slimmed down my Pokémon Pinball cartridge by getting rid of the bulky ass-end where the AAA battery goes, and replaced the motor with a blue LED. So now when the game is supposed to vibrate to the pinball bumpers going off, the game blinks blue instead. I used a spare Gameboy Advance SP plastic lens I had and just cut it with scissors.

    I desoldered the battery tabs flawlessly, removed the motor, scrubbed away all the flux, and wired the battery terminal to a capacitor to get voltage for the LED. I bent the leads of the LED at straight right angles to avoid using wires as much as possible. (Only ended up using one.) Works amazingly well! (Pardon the disgusting gameboy shaking in the video, it's difficult to push buttons with only one hand, and backwards.)

    The video won't embed, so here: http://imgur.com/wZg3y04
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    I've been a busy person today... Modded a GBA SP.

    I made a new GBA SP from my AGS-001 and once my Gyrados sticker for the back of it gets here, I'll be throwing it up for sale on Mercari with a bootleg version of Pokemon Emerald. (So you have something to play) and a new third-party wall charger.

    Once it's put up for sale, I'll offer a special $10 off discount to GBAtemp members. You'll just send an offer to me for $10 off the listed price, and mention you're from GBAtemp.

    Anyway, here's the pics:


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    My Gameboy Micro and 4 Mario games just got here from Japan...

    Just got my Gameboy micro in the mail, and it came with 4 Japanese Mario games. I took each one apart to check for authenticity, and all 4 are legitimate copies. I cleaned them up with some 91% isopropyl alcohol, and put them into a 5x5 shadow box. Came out better than I expected! I tacked each game down with just a small dot of hot glue, so I can always remove them again if desired. Each game was cleaned and tested on the Gameboy Micro.

    I threw in the Zelda pic for testing purposes, to check saturation levels of colors. It's really just for me, but I still included it just because.






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    I think I found my next project... Pokémon Pinball: Slim LED Edition.

    I've never liked how the card sticks out so bulky from the back of *ANY* Gameboy, the rumbling is a gimmick I won't miss, and instead of buying a regular-sized repro from China, I've decided to attempt doing this "Slim mod" for Pokémon Pinball on Gameboy Color. I have another copy of Pokémon Pinball on the way (Japanese, with the Yellow and dark grey shell) so I'm going to use my American copy for this mod.

    The instructions are here:
    Green Joy-Con D-Pad Shells for Nintendo Switch

    Now, I like the lens idea, but many of the choices here I don't like. I'm going to do things a bit differently than he did.

    1.) I'm going to put my LEDs in different places to light up the insides.

    2.) I'm going to lightly sand the inside of the plastic lens, so it illuminates better and the light spreads more evenly. It will also catch people's eyes better.

    3.) My wiring won't be nearly as sloppy as his, I'll use much shorter wires, and I'll clean off all that extra solder and flux residue from the board and battery terminals.

    4.) I'm not going to cover up the epic insides with that retarded-ass sticker.

    5.) I'm going to put reflective silver tape on the insides, hidden from view, but to spread the light around better.

    6.) Might replace the battery with a new one since I'm in there, not sure yet. But probably will. Maybe. :shit:

    So when mine is finished, it should look more or less like this, but more tidy inside and a "frosted" lens:
    (Click for BIGGER)

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    I have a REAL confession to make... (Not an April Fools one.)

    I, Jayro "Danger" Jones, have never liked the Animal Crossing series.

    Shocking, I know... But I find the gameplay to be boring, monotonous, and endless collect-a-thon games where you play house just aren't my kind of game. I've tried giving it a chance with each new game, and I even started with Animal Forest (eng translation) on the N64, but alas... I just can't stand them.

    I said what I said. It is what it is.


    This is an open discussion. shit-talking against Animal Crossing or defending it is 100% allowed here.​
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    Just refurbished my new DS Lite I bought off Mercari.

    I only spent $40 on the DS Lite and it was overall in really great condition. No major scuffs or scratches on the outside or inside. The only caveat was the top screen had some gross black blob mark on it when it was off, and it turned mostly invisible when turned on. But the bottom screen looked flawless, and the top screen was noticeably yellow. So I bought the DS Lite since it was in such great condition, and simultaneously bought a new top screen from eBay. They both arrived in the mail yesterday at the same time, so I was pretty stoked.

    I got home from town, and got started refurbishing this DS Lite inside, since I had to dismantle the entire thing anyway. It was pretty nasty inside, with some kind of orange tar, likely from a smoker's house. It was in all the crevices of the ABYX buttons and the D-pad, and a little bIt around the border of the bottom screen's digitizer. So that was nasty.

    Next, I had never done a top screen swap before, and was kind of shocked to see the speakers were soldered onto the top screen's ribbon cable. But to minimize the number of wires going to the top half, I guess it makes sense. It was just an unexpected solder job that was quick and painless.

    Next I took Q-tips (cotton swabs?) and cleaned the inside of the bottom shell to get all the dust out and (what I assume is) animal hair.

    Overall, it took a long time... But was a fun learning experience. Still 100 times easier than the inside of a 3DS.

    The old yellow screen with blob issue in the middle:

    The new screen:

    All cleaned up and finished:

    Testing the new screen:

    My maker's mark:

    I have no plans to sell this DS, as I'm keeping it for my collection. I bought a navy blue slot 2 cover for it, and I really don't care that it doesn't match. I need a new stylus, and it will be a complete unit again. The OEM battery still has a lot of life left in it too, apparently.

    I have another AGS-001 SP coming in the mail that I'll be dropping an IPS panel into, along with a new shell and buttons. So that will be my next project in about a week or so. I'm thinking a clear-blue shell, but not sure what kind of buttons I want yet. Might try selling it too, we'll see.
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    I just built my first ever Gameboy Macro!

    This ended up taking me three hours of total build time. I took my time, followed along with Macho Nacho Productions assembly video, and everything went fluid. My only snag was my shell didn't come with the 3D printed pieces that his did to support the screen, but it doesn't seem to affect my build at all. I tried to make it look as DMG as possible. The resistor soldering was MUCH easier thanks to my new, smaller soldering iron. It's USB powered and I got it with my Funnyplaying order from yesterday. It heats up in 10 seconds and cools off in about 30 seconds. Well worth the $10!

    This is using an aftermarket screen sold by Handheld Legend, and I'm glad I did research first. Apparently the original bottom screens come with insulation on the back, and the replacement screens don't. So many of the reviews of this screen on eBay was people not putting Kapton tape on it and blowing their fuses. So I not only taped the back of mine properly, but also added some thin foam behind it for support. Works flawlessly. My original screens were turning yellow and the top screen had some weird diagonal likes that I assume is some kind of screen rot. So that's why I put a new screen in. Looks premium!

    I used the original volume slider, start and select buttons, and Dpad. The aftermarket black D-pad that I bought was too thin, and the left side kept getting stuck, which simply will not do, so I used the stock Dpad. I also ended up cleaning the insides of the lower shell because..... Yuck.

    All in all, I expected this to be much harder than it was, and the end result is incredible. I expected the aluminum to weigh it down, but it's surprisingly light and fells good in the hands.



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    Just a quick test fit of my new GBA SP screen.

    Doing a temporary test fit of my new screen in my old GBA SP, until my Boxypixel blue anodized aluminum "hingeless SP" shell gets here. It was so dark and difficult to see anything with the old front-lit screen. (On the right)


    Chucked that old front-lit bitch up on Mercari, lol.
    It's got Power Rangers Dino Thunder on the screen in the pic, if anyone wants it. If you message me on Mercari letting me know you're a GBAtmp member, I'll cut $10 off the price for ya!
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    I need help distinguishing the differences between two cartridge flashers!

    I've seen two cart flashers floating around ebay and aliexpress, and I wanna get one, but I'm not sure which one is the better or newer model. Do any of you own one, and what's it like?

    First one is Flash boy Cyclone:

    Second one is just called Flash boy.

    At first glance it just looks like a hardware revision to me, but I don't know. Can anyone help me shed light on this? I definitely want to buy the better/newer version, whichever one that is.
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    I just spent about 7 hours straight working on a DS case cover for my Test Cartridge. @[email protected]

    Sore eyes and stiff joints aside, here is the fruits of my labor. I went to thecoverproject.net and downloaded 3 covers to draw inspiration from and to kind of get a feel for an overall general layout. I ended up using Toy Story Racer as my base image, and I slowly replaced all the imagery with my own, except for the Gameboy Color spine logos of course. I don't think I'm quite done yet, but I feel close.

    Jayro's GAMEBOY Test Cartridge.png
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    Did a little sticker "test fit" on an old Tiny Toons cartridge that had no label.

    Turned out pretty good on an official game pak. (And I could have centered it top and bottom a bit better...)

  • Jayro

    My Test Cartridge stickers came in! :D

    They look SO GOOD!!! (Click for bigger)



    I'll definitely be using sticker you.com again in the future.
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    I just got super lucky and bought a rare Gameboy Micro on eBay!

    It's not super rare, but rare enough I guess. It's the light blue Micro, which is a Japanese color. I also scored 4 authentic carts of the mario games with it, and the charger, all for $237.40 (after tax and free shipping factored in), which is a steal for me. I really didn't need the games, but they're in great condition and will be a great addition to my collection. I think I'll add them to a shadowbox and hang it in my gaming room!

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