Logan Paul Confirms $3.5 Million Box of Pokemon Cards are Fake

Logan Paul made headlines when he purchased a box of first-edition Pokemon Card booster packs. But following speculation that Paul may have spent millions on fake cards, the YouTuber went to verify his purchase and confirmed they are indeed fake. Paul posted a new video today simply titled “I lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokemon Cards,” … Read more

Magic: The Gathering Pauper format get official panel from WotC

Magic: The Gathering isn’t a singular game, it’s a broad ecosystem of related gameplay formats for every kind of player. Some of those formats — like Vintage, Modern, and Commander — you may know better than others. But the Magic community is bigger than ever before, and even traditionally smaller formats are growing ever larger … Read more

Microsoft Is Officially Done Making Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft has revealed that it is no longer producing new Xbox One consoles.  That includes the original Xbox One console, Xbox One S (and its All-Digital edition), and Xbox One X. This isn’t anything new for the tech giant, though – it actually stopped manufacturing the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital edition … Read more

These Incredible Game Boy Mods Are All By The Same Guy

Image: Andy Sexton Some people are blessed with all the talent, and one of those people is Andy Sexton, who’s not only content with being the Creative Director at Hi-Rez Studios (Smite, Paladins) — he’s also a very good Game Boy modder in his free time. We can’t be too mad, though, because he also … Read more

Respawn’s secretive third project loses its creative director

Respawn Entertainment creative director Mohammad Alavi announced on Twitter this week he has left the studio. Alavi started his career at Infinity Ward before moving to Respawn Entertainment where he worked for 11 years. The most recent project Alavi was attached to was a third game currently in the works at the studio, and despite … Read more