Akko Prunus Lannesiana 3098B gaming keyboard review

You probably haven’t heard of the Shenzhen-based keyboard makers, Akko, but if you’ve been scared off the enthusiast keyboard market by the $200+ boards flooding the globe, then it’s worth paying attention to Akko. It’s making enthusiast keyboards waaaay more accessible.

I love an enthusiast keyboard. Yeah, I’m one of those guys, one of those who will get anal about exactly which sort of mechanical switches they’re tapping away on. But it’s an expensive, altogether unnecessary luxury interest, sat atop the other expensive luxury in my life: PC gaming. The recent rise of the enthusiast keyboard market is such that every traditional manufacturer has started to embrace the idea of hot swappable mechanical switches, double shot PBT keycaps, and boards that are not just the traditional 100% 104-key layout.

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