Japan: Latest Famitsu most wanted charts

Each week Famitsu readers are polled to find out which games they are looking forward to the most and each week it seems to be the next mainline Final Fantasy game from Square Enix which is, Final Fantasy XVI, for the PlayStation 5 console with the biggest lead. It should be mentioned that Kirby and … Read more

Months later, Battlefield 2042 is getting a new scoreboard

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE finally broke its silence, even if what it did say wasn’t to everyone’s liking. The developer released a small patch today, and introduced a new XP cap system to Battlefield Portal as a compromise that’ll hopefully please players. But the biggest changes won’t actually be here for a while. We also … Read more

Super Rare Games Announces New Indie-First Publishing Label, Five New Indies Revealed

Super Rare Games, a company best known for its unique approach to publishing physical games and related media, announced a new indie-first publishing label called Super Rare Originals.  As the name implies, Super Rare Originals will publish indies digitally on consoles and PC, and the new label is starting big with five new games revealed today: Grapple Dog, … Read more

Life Is Strange Remastered Meets Further Delays On Switch

Another day, another delay for the Nintendo Switch. Just this week, Dying Light 2 and Ghostrunner both saw Switch-specific delays, and now Square Enix, DONTNOD, and Deck Nine’s Life Is Strange Remastered Collection has been pushed back, too. The game, which includes remastered versions of Life Is Strange and the prequel, Before the Storm, will … Read more

Intel begins outfitting its state of the art Irish production facility

As the global semiconductor shortage rolls on, chipmakers are taking steps to expand their production capabilities. Intel in particular is currently undertaking an ambitious expansion operation. The company’s $7B Fab 34 construction project in Leixlip, Ireland has entered the tool outfitting stage which represents a significant milestone on the way to beginning production in 2023.  … Read more

Ghostrunner: Story-Driven Project_Hel DLC Delayed To March

Update, 1/20/21: The upcoming story-driven DLC for cyberpunk action-platformer, Ghostrunner, has been delayed.  Originally set to release some time this month, Ghostrunner’s Project_Hel DLC will now release on March 3. This means players will have to wait a little bit longer to play the DLC, which puts you behind the blade of Hel, a boss … Read more