Ghostrunner: Story-Driven Project_Hel DLC Delayed To March

Update, 1/20/21: The upcoming story-driven DLC for cyberpunk action-platformer, Ghostrunner, has been delayed.  Originally set to release some time this month, Ghostrunner’s Project_Hel DLC will now release on March 3. This means players will have to wait a little bit longer to play the DLC, which puts you behind the blade of Hel, a boss … Read more

The best left-handed mouse for gaming in 2022

The best left-handed gaming mouse has historically been a difficult rodent to catch for us southpaws. For eons, lefties had to train themselves to game right-handed, if they wanted to fit into the tyrannical right-handers’ world. The pleasure of a great gaming mouse was impossible to find thanks to the discriminatory focus of peripheral manufacturers. … Read more

Fan-made Pokémon game lets you ruthlessly murder Pikachu

Yep, your eyes don’t deceive you! Someone out there has gone ahead and created a Pokemon FPS, which allows you to blow pikachu away with a shotgun among other horrible, horrible things. Sadly for all of us, you can’t download this game as it was purely made for a comedic Youtube video, but it does … Read more

The PlayStation Wrap-Up Report Is Available To View Your 2021 Gaming Stats

We may be pushing towards the end of January, but you can still reminisce about your favorite PlayStation memories of 2021. Sony has launched the PlayStation Wrap-Up Report, giving players a chance to view their biggest and brightest gaming highlights from the last year.  From now until February 20 visiting the PlayStation Wrap-Up page displays stats … Read more