Best Ongoing Game 2021: Apex Legends

PC Gamer’s Best Ongoing award celebrates an older game that offered the best updates, new content and support across the past year. This year we honour Respawn’s killer battle royale, Apex Legends. We’ll be updating our Game of the Year 2021 hub with new awards and staff picks each day throughout the rest of December.

Nat Clayton, Features Producer and Space Mom: Apex Legends has always been good. But for those first few years, it felt like Respawn was still figuring out how to run an ongoing battle royale. This year, the studio nailed it. Season 9 is the clear standout, bringing us not only a strong new character in Valkyrie but also an entirely new Arenas game mode—a distinctly Respawn take on Counter-Strike in which you immediately get into a fair fight. Arenas proved that Apex has legs beyond battle royale, cementing the game as not just a good BR, but one of the best team shooters around.

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