Gal Gun: Double Peace gets a Nintendo Switch exclusive opening cinematic

NSFW anime-style rail-shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace from developer Inti Creates is soon being ported to Nintendo Switch, but not without some raunchy exclusive content. Publisher PQube has shared a brand new opening cinematic that wasn’t featured in the original 2015 PlayStation release nor the subsequent 2016 Steam version. You can check out the trailer … Read more

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Review – A Grand Finale

Following a reboot and three exceptional expansions, Final Fantasy XIV’s fourth add-on, Endwalker, has a lot to live up to, especially as it’s billed as the conclusion to the storyline that’s been brewing since the defunct 1.0 release. I’m happy to report Endwalker masterfully delivers a dense narrative full of exciting twists, wonderful character moments, … Read more

Japanese Magazine Nintendo Dream Might Be Teasing A New Game

Image: Nintendo Kirby and the Forgotten Land is arriving on the Switch this March, but it turns out Nintendo might have a little bit more planned for the pink puff in the near future. According to a translation by Twitter user Dededaio (as spotted by VGC), the upcoming February 21 issue of Japanese publication Nintendo … Read more

Will Call of Duty Be An Xbox Exclusive? Here’s What the Experts Are Saying

The future of Call of Duty hangs in the balance following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which will bring the massively popular first person shooter series under the Xbox umbrella along with a handful of other franchises. The move is raising questions about how Microsoft will handle Activision Blizzard’s extensive list of properties – whether … Read more

The best Crusader Kings 3 mods

Want to add a little spice with some Crusader Kings 3 mods? The base game may be great, but a good deal of the series’ longevity is based around mods and how they reimagine what’s already there, or even fill in details. Community Flavor Pack, for example, one of the most popular CK3 mods around, … Read more

Halo Infinite’s latest hotfix didn’t fix issues with BTB mode

343 Industries released a hotfix yesterday which was supposed to fix lingering Big Team Battle matchmaking issues in Halo Infinite. While there were some minor improvements, matchmaking issues still persist. In a post on Twitter, Halo community director Brian Jarrard said the team is sorry the hotfix “didn’t quite get the job done,” but that … Read more

Arcane teased queer relationships, but season 2 can do better

Since Arcane, Riot Games’ first foray into television, debuted in November, it has received adoration and praise across the board from critics, particularly in its handling of yet another video game adaptation. Missing from much of the criticism is any nuanced consideration of the show’s queer narratives. Many fans of League of Legends enjoyed seeing … Read more