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Q - What is Q-bec Webmail?
A - Q-bec Webmail lets you send and receive your e-mail from any computer with a Web browser. Whether you're at work, on the road or away from your computer, just go to Q-bec.com

It's simple to use. Type in your e-mail address and password to read, save, respond to, and forward the e-mail.
Q - How much e-mail storage space do I get with Q-bec Webmail?
A - Q-bec Webmail offers 2MB of storage space. If you do not keep your account below this limit, Q-bec Webmail may remove some messages, which cannot be recovered.
Q - Is my e-mail really private and secure?
A - When you sign up for Q-bec.com, you choose your personal ID and password. The only way you can access your account is by using the password you select. This means that only you will have access to your Q-bec account, even if you use a computer at a public terminal or a friend's house.

Q-bec Webmail is strongly committed to keeping your personal information confidential.

Unsolicited e-mail, sometimes referred to as "SPAM", is electronic mail which is unsolicited and sent for the purpose of selling the recipient goods, services, or properties. Commercial "SPAM" advertisements are most often used for multi-level marketing schemes, get-rich-quick schemes, work-at-home schemes or for questionable products or pornography. Q-bec Webmail reserves the right to terminate the accounts of any user found to be "SPAMMING" or engaged in illegal activities.

Q - Can I send and receive attachments on Q-bec Webmail?
A - Yes, you can send and receive as many messages as you like and send and receive attachments up to 2MB of attachments.

Attachments sent to your account can be downloaded to your personal computer by clicking them. GIF and JPEG images and HTML files are automatically displayed in the browser window.

Q - Can I get a virus using webmail?
A - It is more difficult to get an "Outlook" targetted virus using WebMail.
Q - How many addresses can I have?
A - You can have one address.