Chairtemp has returned, and this time it’s sporting gold and hot-rod red! Is this special edition offering from AndaSeat the most comfortable gaming chair? Read on, and find out!
Jordan Ryan


Truth be told, being a console gamer most of my life, a gaming chair was something I never saw a huge need for. Typically I was content sitting on my bed, on a couch, or any old office or arm chair I could find. My attitude changed once I bit the bullet and got into PC gaming. Spending hour after hour hunched over a keyboard and mouse, it was clear to me that the uncomfortable stock office chair that came with my desk would no longer cut it. And the closer I inch to 30, the more my back screams at me to find something to at least force me to sit properly. And now, luckily, I can game in comfort and style, all while repping my most favorite of Earth’s mightiest heroes!


At its core, AndaSeat markets the Iron Man edition gaming chair as a sort of upgrade to the company's Jungle chair, with the important distinction that this newer model is 25% larger, with all core mechanisms having been reinforced to provide maximum comfort and durability. With a maximum weight of 350 lbs, that reinforcement is put into full effect. Everything here is made out of wonderfully high quality material, from the metal frame to the aluminum base, and the moulding foam interior covered with the PVC leather chair cover. It all feels very heavy duty, and like it’ll hold up to the test of time. Admittedly, the plastic covering for the assembly screws does feel a bit cheap, especially in comparison to how impressively built the rest of the chair is. This is a minor complaint however, and the covering is purely aesthetic. When it comes to the quality of the components that matter for functionality, the chair impresses, and absolutely holds up.

Assembly was outstandingly user friendly, and I’d have to imagine it’d take someone like the real Tony Stark no time at all to bring this chair from box to gaming ready. The instructions were easy to read, all components were clearly labeled, and in total I’d have to say the assembly took about 30 minutes total. I was also able to put it together entirely on my own without even a second set of hands required. Conveniently, only one tool was needed for the job, a hex key with a different bit size on each end, and even that was only needed sparingly. I’m always a fan of the least amount of work necessary to put something together, and that’s a box that I was happy to check off with this chair.


From a design standpoint, the chair is immediately recognizable at first glance with the backrest taking its design cues from Iron Man’s upper body. The design of the Avenger’s helmet graces the headrest, albeit with a large “MARVEL” logo stamped across the forehead. The seams in the middle are gold trimmed, and beautifully represent the midsection of the Iron Man armor. At the heart of the backrest, appropriately, is the embroidered design of the signature arc reactor which stays visible even when the headrest and midsection seams are covered by the respective pillows. Admittedly, it is a bit interesting of a design choice as at first glance it looks like you’re just sitting on Iron Man’s lap. But the choice has grown on me, and I appreciate it so much more than just slapping some gold and red on the chair and calling it an Iron Man design. More generally, the entire chair has the signature red and gold color motif, with red making up the primary body and the gold accenting it. That said, I do have to admit that the colors on the chair ended up looking a lot more dull in person than they do in any promotional renderings. It’s still “Iron Man” enough for me to be happy with it, but I can’t deny that it looks more plain maroon and tan than vibrant red and gold. A point of disappointment, to be sure, but one that doesn’t stop me from looking at this chair and thinking “That is Iron Man.”



Functionally, this is an outstandingly comfortable chair. The moulded foam interior offers incredible comfort that forms to my body, then almost immediately springs back as soon as I’m done using the chair. The scratch resistant leather material covering it adds extra comfort, as well as protection for the foam. The armrests can be repositioned in multiple ways, whether as simple as changing their height or shifting the position of the rests themselves. AndaSeat calls it their “4D armrests,” named such because of the four-dimensional customization it offers; left and right, up and down, back and fourth, and tilting to whatever angle you’d like. This offers convenient and easily customized support for those long sessions of working, gaming or even just generally relaxing. The lumbar and headrest pillows admittedly did take some getting used to for me, but once I found the best position to fit my body, it was like a dream come true in terms of both comfort and ergonomic support. The reclining mechanism brings the chair from a 90 to 160 degree angle, and everywhere in-between, letting you find the position that’s most comfortable for you with ease, and even just lean it back for a quick break between games. Admittedly, I’m definitely on the higher end of the chair’s limits, both in terms of weight and height. But even so, I can and have sat in this chair for hours at a time while working from home, gaming, and even just rolling it out into the living room because I was tired of sitting on a couch. The design might not be the best for posture, but it’s certainly a far cry better than the old office chair I was using before this, and I wouldn’t say it’s bad by any means. The mixture of good posture and great comfort definitely goes a long way, in my book.


The biggest extra that comes with this chair is the red and black floor mat that comes with it, also sporting that signature Iron Man face logo. It’s made out of a carpet-esque material, which does make it an unfortunate magnet for dog hair, but it’s still a fine mat that matches the aesthetic of the chair perfectly. There’s also a rubberized grip on the bottom that keeps the mat securely in place on the floor, and stops it from sliding around as I adjust or slide the chair out. Though, I do have to admit, it is a bit smaller than I’d like. The mat is just big enough to fit the chair directly in the middle of it, and nothing else. If I slide the chair back to step away from my desk, I swiftly glide from the mat to the hardwood floor. The mat still works as a decorative piece to tie the chair and the room together, but as a functional floor mat for my desk setup, it does still leave a lot to be desired. 


As my first gaming chair, I absolutely couldn’t be happier with this. I almost feel like I was blessed with being tossed in at the deep end, so to speak, both in terms of quality and with the price. The Iron Man edition chair retails for $470, making it a relatively average price for a gaming chair, if not maybe a bit on the higher end. If you’re able to track one down, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it. And if Iron Man isn’t your style? Fear not; AndaSeat offers the same chair in Captain America, Spider-Man, and Ant Man variants, though each one seems to be just as difficult to find as the last.

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What We Liked . . . Incredible build quality Amazing comfort Four fantastic design options, based on Earth's mightiest heroes What We Didn't Like . . . Floor mat works more as decoration than a functional mat Colors not quite as vibrant as advertised
out of 10
This chair manages to merge two of my biggest interests, gaming and comic books. And it does so in a stylish, high quality manner. It's an easy recommendation if you're in the market for a new gaming chair.
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