1. AboodXD

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    Oct 11, 2014
    United Arab Emirates
    I have been reverse-engineering NSMBU for a while, and I'm finally glad to announce that I started making some code hacks for the game.

    NSMBU haxx currently includes:
    • Custom-defined music list.
    • Space physics as area option (wrapByte & 2)
    • Magic Platform sprite
    • Flip block sprite

    Only NSMBU v1.3.0 (US and EU) is supported, for now. (Working on supporting other versions as well)
    NSMBU haxx can be loaded using CafeLoader.

    And here are some videos:

    Source code: http://github.com/aboood40091/NSMBU-haxx
    Download: http://github.com/aboood40091/NSMBU-haxx/releases
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