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    Feb 9, 2021
    Note: I'm not allowed to share links as of right now since I'm "Newbie" here :D.

    How to recover data after initializing the system.
    PS4 is a secured console almost all data on the system either linked to specific user/account, encrypted or signed with license
    Save game data --> linked to specific user/account
    Trophies --> linked to specific user/account
    Games --> signed with license
    Themes --> signed with license
    Eboot files --> encrypted


    Since we install Games & Themes using fake pkg they're signed with fake license (usually all zeros)
    which is only recognized by Homebrew Enabler aka (Hen / Mira)

    In this tutorial we're going to look at how to recover data that are linked to specific user/account
    by activating the account with the UID.

    What is UID and where do I get it from?
    UID is a unique serial number for each user signed to PSN which stores all user information in PlayStaion Network (PSN)
    if you log in to PSN via any device Sony servers can identify who you are its User Identifier if you will
    You cannot change this serial number and it's uniquely signed to one user only

    There are many ways to retrieve UID for your account the easiest of all is by copying any save data
    from PS4 to a flash drive. After any save game data has been
    copied over, inside the flash drive there should be a folder named
    "PS4" inside it the folder "SAVEDATA"
    inside that a folder named something like "ae5ad5fddgd5gdg1d" that's the
    UID for your account make sure to save it somewhere safe.

    You can also get UID using a python script 'psn-account-id.py'
    (Again I'm not allowed to share any links for now SORRY) you can copy paste the script name on google.
    Run the script and follow the instructions on the terminal ...
    at the end make sure to convert the serial number given by the script
    from Decimal to Hex format
    Since PS4 only recognize Hexadecimal system.

    How to backup my PS4 data?

    Your backup data files should be organized and structured the same way they're on the console
    this way you know
    which file goes in which folder.

    There are many payloads for backing up the data some are specific for trophies and other for save data
    there is also a payload to backup the database only.
    The choice is yours you can also backup data manually via FTP
    either way
    keep in mind you need to keep track of the folders.

    For example the data you copy from this path
    PS4: system_data/user/home
    it should be stored this way
    Flash/HDD: system_data/user/home
    and so on

    How do I recover the data?

    1_ As of right now it's working up to 6.72 firmware console
    2_ PS4debug (payload) only if the web host you're using doesn't have PS4debug loader
    Any payload injector "NetCat gui"(application) only if the web host you're using doesn't have PS4debug loader
    PS4OfflineAccountActivator (application by @carloscorcoles)
    4_ Your system data backup
    5_ FTP client (Application) such as FileZilla
    UID User Identification number

    Attention: Do this after your account has been deleted "after initialization, formatting etc..."
    If you're a newbie read all instructions
    other than that you can just read the steps in

    Setup New Account to link it with the backup:
    Create new user & name it whatever you like (say it's X) this is going to be the user where all the backup data linked to.
    Make sure to
    skip the sign up options
    Open the user (named X) go to settings and
    setup your internet connection,
    remember your PS4 IP Address(say it's 192.XXX.XXX)
    go to your favorite web host (I recommend Alazif)
    Run Bin loader on the web host and leave it open

    Link account (X) to the backup data:
    Inject PS4Debug payload through any payload injector
    now open PS4OfflineAccountActivator (application by @carloscorcoles) and type you PS4 IP address (192.XXX.XXX) on top
    Click connect and make sure at the bottom left hand corner shows connected
    Now click "Get Users" and wait for the inputs to fill up automatically
    After that replace default UID
    from "0000000000" to your actual UID "ae5ad5fddgd5gdg1d" yours is different.
    and finally click on "set id and activate"

    Go back to your PS4 and log out from the user and then press the PS button as if you want to choose a user, hover over
    your account
    named(X) and press "Options" on the Dualshock4 if a menu on the right show up
    with two options CONGRATS :yayps3:you have successfully activated your account.
    otherwise REPEAT steps above

    Now that you have activated your account any save data, trophies etc that was
    linked to your account UID can be

    all you have to do now is Restart your console then go to any web host Run FTP payload
    copy & paste your backup data
    using Filezilla keep in mind that you need to paste the files not the folders
    so you need to manually copy and paste the files .

    Hope this tutorial helped you in any way or at least learned something new,
    any questions feel free to post it down below.
    Thank you
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    to go a bit beyond, you can at least change saves with account activator and save manager. if you create a new account, like if yours is banned, use @Leeful 's script to get the account id of the new account. I think it's in decimal form when you log into sony's website, so it converts it.
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    Mar 18, 2019
    That's one greate Tuts.
    I once like to change my Avatar after active it with Offline Activator. Not successful. Do you have any ideas why it happen ?
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    I saw a tutorial on here on doing that. the avatar is in the system_data partition iirc. it's kinda of a long process, but a lot of people have reported that it works.

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    here it is: https://q-bec.com/threads/get-you...-and-name-on-an-offline-activated-ps4.571231/
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    old school like tutorial & i love it!
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